Q? I have major dental anxiety. How painful will my procedure be?

A. We use I.V. Sedation for most surgical extraction procedures and since you will be asleep you won’t feel any pain

Q? How long will my procedure take?

A. It depends. We generally ask patients to allow 2-3 hours in our office. This includes patient
registration, the surgical procedure and recovery from anesthesia. Each and every patient is treated with the utmost consideration and we try our best to work through a timely schedule.

Q? Do I really need a driver?

A.Yes, it is absolutely necessary to bring a driver. You will be disoriented after you wake up from anesthesia, therefore we cannot allow you to leave the office without an accompanying adult. We also ask that you do not return to work or school for the balance of that day. Your driver will also be required to stay for the entire duration of your procedure and recovery.

Q?When is my copay due?

A. We kindly ask that all copays, deductibles and non-covered services are paid in full prior to your procedure. We accept Cash, Debit Cards, All Major Credit Cards and Care Credit (finance option with liberal terms). *Sorry, but we do not accept personal checks.

Q? Do you do cleanings and fillings?

A. No, we are an Oral Surgery Practice specializing in oral surgery procedures such as dental implants, wisdom teeth, extractions, biopsies etc. ~ See a full list of the procedures we offer HERE

Q? Will this be covered by my insurance?

A. We participate with more than 40 different plans. See a partial list of some of the most common plans HERE ~ if you do not see your plan listed here, please call us. We can verify coverage over the phone.

Q? I’m in Pain! How soon can I get in?

A. We know how you feel, and we will try to get you in ASAP. Some patients can be scheduled the same day if we have openings from cancelations. Contact Us and we will make every attempt to squeeze you into our schedule and get you in right away.

Q? What happens if I eat or drink something before my procedure?

A. Please make sure you familiarize yourself with our Surgery Instructions. It is very important for your safety that you strictly follow our surgery instructions. Something as simple as chewing gum or eating a cough drop would require us to reschedule your surgery. Keep in mind what an inconvenience it would be if we had to reschedule your surgery to a later date, especially since you may have scheduled the day off from work and arranged to have a driver available. Please make sure that you are always honest with the doctor.